Business Engagement Model

We offer a forward looking multi-tiered outsourcing structure. This recognizes the strategic nature of outsourcing, going beyond just project based outsourcing. Our engagement is across multiple functions and operations layers of the customer – from process specialists to executive management.

Outsourcing - Traditional Way
In this model the entire business process is moved offshore in order to leverage the expertise and cost benefits offered by the outsourcing partner. This model fits very well for routine, non-core business process. The client takes complete responsibility for carrying out the business process. The vendor does not directly manages the process but ensures quality measurements on process outcome and provides the facility with people.
This model works in the same way as Traditional Outsourcing with few changes in the working pattern. The Subject Matter Expert (SME) from the client is located at the offshore center. This model provides extra confidence to the client as their SME sits and drives the project while the vendor facilitates the successful execution of the project.
Joint Venture
The Joint Venture Model brings the client and the vendor in equal terms as they invest in the infrastructure and in people. The vendor brings the local expertise and service skills while the client brings their knowledge of the existing business function while maintaining greater management control.
Build, Operate & Transfer
This model needs tremendous amount of knowledge in the areas of Business understanding, process criticality, Quality, timeliness, guidelines as we need to Build the process and make it a successful operational procedure according to the clients requirement and train the client in the same areas and make them self sufficient to take up the assignments on their own.
Captive Center
In this model the client of SWEETBALL a part of the infrastructure with people and process to perform a certain amount of work. This capacity is kept in place, regardless of the workload. When the option is employed, the captive center does not have to adjust staffing to meet workload demands - thus avoiding the expenses associated with constant staffing readjustments.