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Customer service

Customer service is a key differentiator for your business in the global market with companies across industries facing increasing competition. Companies need outsourcing partners that can deliver cutting edge customer service solutions. SWEETBALL helps clients manage and enhance their customer experience with tailor-made customer service solutions. These solutions allow clients to transform the way they influence customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction, while at the same time ensuring cost efficiency.

Customer service outsourcing has gained immense importance in recent times. Performance pressures due to economic uncertainty are leading companies to concentrate on their core competencies. Companies also realize the importance of enhancing the customer service experience at every touch point in order to remain relevant, build lasting relationships with consumers, increase customer loyalty and develop brand advocates. Customer service outsourcing helps improve customer satisfaction levels at reduced costs, as companies need not develop and maintain in-house capabilities, and can instead employ the services of outsourcing specialists.

SWEETBALL Customer Relationship Management (CRM) BPO is an end to end multi-channel integrated business service covering the entire customer life cycle management (including marketing support, sales support & customer service) that optimizes profitability, revenue, cost to serve and customer satisfaction through transformation enabled solution framework.

Business Pain Points

• Customer Service
o Integrated Global delivery challenges with multiple service locations.
o Multi Channel Communication capability and customer adoption challenges.
o Poor Customer Satisfaction.
o High Cost to Serve.
o Lack of Customer One View.
• Our Services can we Hired for following funtions
o Issue & Query handling.
o 24x7 Customer Help desk.
o Online Complaint Management.
o Rating & Billing Support Services.
o Claims & Warranty Support Services.
o Order processing, RMA, tacking & status updates.
o Technology enabled through IVR, Call routing etc.
o Platform, tools and transformation led.
o Customer Service.
o Customer Complaint Resolution.
o Sales (Cross-sell / Up-sell).
o Loyalty Program Management.
o B2B and B2C Collection.
o HR Support.
o Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI).
o Technical Helpdesk.
o Specialty Helpdesk.
o Customer Care Analytics.
o Social Customer Service.
Channels Available:
■ Voice (Inbound / Outbound).
■ Email.
■ White Mail.
■ Chat.
■ Social Media.