IT Service Support & Maintenance

Services & Maintenance

SWEETBALL offers Application Development and Maintenance services with low cost, swift time-to-market, consistent control and premium quality.

Our Services

Large corporations are in need of development and maintenance services that can free them up to focus on their core business. As a leading IT services provider - creating, implementing and integrating software applications with a world-class infrastructure and a global network - SWEETBALL Technologies is well positioned to support virtually any customer, anywhere in the world. And we take you even further. Our unique version of application maintenance also adds value by reducing costs. By placing the maintenance of your mission critical applications in SWEETBALL Technologies’ experienced hands, you will be left with precious time to focus on fresh business ideas.

Offshore Maintenance Benefits

SWEETBALL Technologies’ proven global delivery models for providing offshore application maintenance and development services offer the added advantages of:-

• Time Saving: Our offshore services exploit time zone differences by practical deployment of extra shifts for faster time-to-market.
• Cost Reduction: Our offshore services offer scalability of resources during the system development life cycle.
• Operating Cost Effectiveness: Our offshore services enable work to be moved to less expensive offshore resources.
• Quality: Our offshore services afford more disciplined approaches and methodologies that generally exceed on-site work.
• Availability of Resources: Our offshore services facilitate constant access to highly skilled professionals.
• Easy Ramp-up and Ramp-Down: Our offshore teams can be ramped-up or down with a short notice which also reduces the idle time that our customers would have to pay for such requirements on-site.

Maintenance Models

SWEETBALL extends its support in the following ways:
24x7 Support
• Initial support and maintenance planning.
• Telephonic support.
• Failure and alert notice support.
• Premier enhanced application management via our dual-shore business model Expertise in maintenance, software product support, database monitoring and data warehouse support and e-commerce maintenance.
Level 2 and Level 3 Application Support
• Remote as well as onsite support.
• Reactive and proactive support.
• Response time committed driven support.
• Troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance support.
• Proven Expertise in
-Software product support.
-Database and data warehouse support.